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Our Story

As a coming of age tradition in the van Wyk family, on each child’s 13th birthday, they would choose a restaurant industry to celebrate it in. It was then that Nic van Wyk started seeing food in his future.

Bistro 13 opened its doors in September 2014 with goal to serve classically prepared dishes with familiar South African flavours. The décor is elegant and earthy, creating the perfect platform for hearty bistro dishes.

Our passionate staff aim to create moments for diners to enjoy, as dining out is about the whole experience, not just one element.
We rely heavily on feedback from our diners, from service to dishes and believe that a restaurant can only be successful within a community where expectations are met 100% of the time.

Bistro 13 is proud to be associated with Stellenbosch Vineyards, and South African cricketer, Faf du Plessis.

Meet our Chef

Chef and owner of Bistro 13, Nic van Wyk is no stranger to the restaurant industry. With his success in the opening of Terroir Restaurant with Michael Broughton, and going on to be Eat Out’s Top Restaurant in 2006, he was set for a long future in the restaurant.

Nic van Wyk was formally trained at the ICA in Stellenbosch and spent time in the kitchens of La Colombe with Franck Dangereux, where he fell further in love with French cooking. His love of robust flavours , from Provence to North Africa sees his food prepared classically French, but at home in South Africa, with a nod to nostalgia as he brings flavours of everyone’s food past back to life in a modern way. This passion was further pursued when he started his TV career with Kyknet’s Kokkedoor, an Afrikaans reality cooking show. For fans of the show- season 3 is coming!